Thursday, April 15, 2010


Neutral Thinking

What exactly does it take to think in a neutral manner? Our biggest hurdles are our biases. Our believes, our emotions and our superstitions. They block our way, they stop us from thinking what is right or rather neutral. We all have mental blockages. All of us, some have more some have less. All this is more about our insecurties. But this biased thinking plays a havoc in real life, one person’s biases can be another person’s pain. If we become fair, we leave our prejudices our life as well as life of people around us will become easier.

But easier said than done.


“I personally feel that words like spirituality or spiritual beliefs are actually rationalisations that people need to convince themselves that everything’s okay. ” —Shyam Benegal

I don’t know how far this is correct and how much I agree with it. But one thing that I believe is we lack a basic maturity as a society and have an escapist element in us (yes me being the biggest escapist). We don’t want to face things, we believe in destiny more than it is required. We don’t want to take things in our hands. All we want is a safe, secure and peaceful life. But rarely put in efforts required for it. Because he will take care of everything, the almighty.

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